Hello and welcome to my website.
I hope it gives you a good idea of my recent work and its development.

The PRINTS are a result of my continuing passion for skies and its reflections.

I now offer a new service: OLLY'S FOLLIES transforming garden walls and similar dull surfaces.

The ORIGINALS include :

PORTRAITS of the actor Timothy Spall, a new and extraordinarily challenging journey for me, using various media.

MURALS of Cornwall's Newlyn Infant and Junior School and The Texas Embassy Cantina near Trafalgar Square.

WORK IN PROGRESS is and will continue to be a page which shows current work
and media I'm exploring.

I hope you enjoy my work.

If you have any comments, questions, you wish to commission work, or would like to buy a limited edition signed print or an original piece of work, please contact me.





Works in Progress


Copyright © 2006 Olly James. All rights reserved.

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