While visiting friends of mine in Cornwall, they expressed their discontent with their breeze block garden wall. I suggested a repaint but soon realised that the overwhelming essence of the breeze block would dominate any design.

So I decided to attempt to change the whole nature of the brick. Using skills gained as a designer and scenic artist for theatre, opera and film, I created a red brick garden wall. I mixed and applied cement so my friends' wall should last many years.

I then built up layers of colours to give the warmth and texture of old red brick and added a bit of trompe l'oeil to add depth to the arched recesses. See below and click to enlarge.

The end result was so successful that I have now begun to take commissions. Please contact me if you would like an estimate.
ollyjames@hotmail.co.uk or ring +44 (0)7949 064 517


The original breeze block wall

The cement applied

The cement adds relief and detail

The painted brick wall

The paint gives warmth and texture

The paint deepens the shadows

Trompe l'oeil effects





Works in Progress


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